PROJECTLAND is a young company dedicated to the development of innovative solutions in the field of design and expert technical consulting within the framework of mechanical engineering. Designing is done using the latest tools such as CATIA and ANSYS. The subject of design are special vehicles, ultra-light aircrafts and other mobile systems.

Modern design methods, using CAD/CAM software, provide the ability to design and manufacture the product efficiently, thus providing every customer with the most important thing - quality. These methods and technologies guarantee a product that is suitable for use, suitable for maintenance and has a satisfactory environmental impact.

The company focuses on commerce and industry, manufacturing companies in the field of mechanical engineering and technical systems, in the country and abroad, which are unable to cover the stages of product development, design, testing and its improvement.


PROJECTLAND LLC, Bulevar despota Stefana 95, 11000 Belgrade,
+381 62 8920086, office@projectland.rs