The company develops conceptual solutions for given problems within mechanical engineering from design and technical feasibility in modern software packages point of view.
The team is young and dynamic with knowledge of tools and techniques for designing technical systems.



We enable clients to get a complete, high-quality, and synchronized solution in one place. The foundation of the business is based on the high professionalism of the staff and the correct attitude towards business partners. Based on the knowledge and experience of our engineers, we are able to find optimal solutions for all the requirements of the investor, to make quick and quality changes, as well as to indicate in a timely manner the potential problems in the operation of the system and to propose ways to prevent them.

The essence of successful projects lies in the details. In order to successfully manage investment projects, to improve existing production and technical processes and to solve specific technical problems in your company, you need to have experts with top-level knowledge in different areas. We have competencies that are always available to you, our team consists of experienced specialists that provide customers with precise, up-to-date and quality technical information.

Fair and friendly cooperation with our clients ensures successful cooperation and trust
which enables continuity of work and quality recommendations for future work.


PROJECTLAND LLC, Bulevar despota Stefana 95, 11000 Belgrade,
+381 62 8920086, office@projectland.rs