IMSA - the new member in mts business offer

We inform you with pleasure about the cooperation between mts and Projectland concerning the common placement of original software solution.

As it is well known, one of our software solution is IMSA application – the application for modern managing of ISO standard requests. IMSA can be applied to all sizes of organizations no matter their business area.

Created in cooperation with experts in the area of implementation and certification of ISO standards, IMSA application is an ally in managing business in accordance with international ISO requests, as it shown by satisfied users. Easier and more systematically fulfillment of individual standard requests, given the system processes by categories make IMSA application suitable for usage also for those who are facing those kinds of requests for the first time. Securing good version of documents, preventing the loss or confusion of documents, as well as time saving –are certainly some of the benefits of using IMSA application.

Given the criteria of modern business –one of the not so rare conditions for participating in tenders is having ISO certificates, as well as the fact that foreign companies most frequently choose partners whose business is in compliance with ISO standards, the need for systematical approach to fulfilling mentioned requests on domestic and regional market is significant. 

As a firm for software and engineering design, we have noticed the needs in business environment and since 2021 IMSA (Integrated Management System Application) has been present on the market.

We are proud of the agreement about cooperation with the renowned domestic company Telekom Srbija and because the need of our market area for this kind of a solution has been recognized, therefore, the IMSA is available also at since December 2021.