Osim rizika od obelodanjivanja poverljivih informacija, jedan od negativnih faktora neveštog upravljanja informacijama jeste i njihovo gubljenje ili kašnjenje. Kako bi se predupredili navedeni neželjeni efekti, važno je definisati i protokol u komunikaciji – osim komunikatora, isto tako transmisiju poruka i medije koji se tom prilikom koriste.

A lot of information and the speed of their flow – is it an advantage or a drawback for  modern business? Both. On what does it depend they  will be? On the skill of managing information - we can turn them  to our advantage but they can also become our  weakness.  


Probably one of the biggest challenges of modern business is a classification of information  by importance, reliability, confidentiality. Business secret isn’t anything new. Keeping ideas until their realization and plan also is not either. In that way we get characteristics  of originality, innovation, exclusivity. The power of words was always one of the  greatest. However, which tools should we use in defining these parameters? How to make the assessment easier? How to save what is needed and what should we announce and when and to whom?


The international standard ISO 27001 - INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT significantly helps you in handling that. According to the request contained in the mentioned standard one of the main requests is  directed on maintenance of company’s know-how, on efficient managing of communication and recipients  channels, on stability maintenance and security of business strategy, on transparency of services for clients and availability of relevant notifications.


Beside the risk of announcing confidential information, one of the negative factors of  unskillful information management is their loss or delay. In order to prevent mentioned undesired effects, it is also important to define the communication procedure - the communicator as well as the messages transmission and media which are used in that situation.

In the implementation of the ISO 27001 standard, economic entities engage experts, that is consultants for standards implementation. Even after a successfully implemented standard, even after certification, managers  face  further challenges in applying  standards requests to new information. In order to successfully  go over those kinds of challenges, in cooperation with foreign and domestic consultants, Projectland has created an innovative digital tool for modern managing of ISO Standards requests – an ally in consistently and effective information security management

IMSA application doesn’t only make fulfilling ISO Standards requests easier making an efficient organizational model, it has already been constructed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001, and bellow we will list some of them:

  • Efficient internal communication, the speed of information flow – all employees at  the same time receive relevant information
  • Clarity of information – clearly and systematically organized segments of documentation and parameters in scope of system processes
  • Compatibility of responsibility level – definition of activities for 3 user levels – user/ manager/ administrator – clear communication model – the message sender, the message receiver and the transmission medium
  • Systematized standard usage – tabular template with each request explained
  • Precision and transparency – notifications about deadline and responsibility for certain task.

More about advantages of IMSA application usage you can find out here.