In today’s world, hiring a software development company has become not only a common practice but also a necessary one. We present you the biggest myths and the key to the success of outsourced software.

Hiring a software development company has become not only a common

practice but also a necessary one. This is particularly true when considering the insights

provided by Intetics, an American company. They have identified 8 myths that companies

fear, which prevent them from improving their custom software processes.

These fears often stem from concerns that the new software will cause more problems than

it solves, such as compatibility issues. However, this is a significant misconception. The

development of custom software is becoming an investment that should be considered

essential due to its great capacity to generate competitive advantages while increasing

efficiency and productivity.

Even in times of crises, such as COVID-19, companies do not dispense with software

development. Outsourcing has emerged as possibly one of the most effective solutions in

these situations. Therefore, avoiding improvements in processes with custom software can

be a big mistake that companies need to overcome.

The 8 myths of custom software development are as follows:

● Custom Software Requires Heavy Initial Investment & Lengthy Talent Searches

● The project predictability problem

● Ready-made products are always easier and cheaper

● It’s impossible to create a good product with incomplete specifications

● Outstaffing team can take over in-house developers jobs and gain project ownership

● Lack of control over remote development teams

● It’s enough to hire a freelance developer for the IT project’s success

● Maintenance Is overwhelming

It is important to note that the development of custom software does not entail risks if the

company has clear objectives and clearly defines its goal. This significantly reduces the cost

and generates greater benefits.

Success and Failure Factors

Many variables can affect the development of a software development project, but some

steps must be followed to completely avoid failure:

- Establish precise requirements through illustrations and have realistic expectations

for software development.

- Understand the intricacies of software development to select a team that avoids

making unfounded promises.

- Option for an agency with expertise in exploration and business analysis, prepared to

organize requirements, make estimates, and develop a feasible project plan.

Achieving success through dedicated companies

Dedicated software development companies are responsible for creating computer support

developed specifically according to the client’s requirements, designed in their image and

likeness, taking into account their specific characteristics and needs.

These companies offer very satisfactory results in most situations, in cases where maximum

satisfaction is not achieved it is usually due to not complying with the previously mentioned

factors. Establishing a dedicated team through outsourcing requires careful integration into

existing operations, clarity in roles, and productive communication.


Things to keep in mind to achieve maximum satisfaction with dedicated companies

● Misaligned responsibilities and expectations: Establish and explicitly convey

individual roles.

● Communication barriers: Promote a transparent dialogue environment and set up

regular communication channels, both synchronous and asynchronous.

● Inadequate process integration: Establish an integrated process that synchronizes

the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of your dedicated team with the SDLC

of your organization.

Strategies for managing additional staff

● Commitment: Maintain fluid and continuous communication, along with updates on

project development.

● Sense of belonging: You should invite the engineers of the subcontracted company to

events and meetings so that they develop a sense of belonging to your company.

This increases effectiveness and improves results.

● Eliminate high turnover rates: Offer opportunities for skill development and

professional growth to foster long-term commitment.

● Ensure background checks: The subcontracted company must carry out thorough

background checks and maintain strong human resources support.


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