What makes a successful company? Is it only profit it earns or also its reputation and the way how it does business internally and externally? But can there be big profit and long term successful business without quality organizational and value system?

In technology expansion, speed of information flow, competition and requests, one of the more important questions in company’s sustainable development is the employees’ satisfaction and health. In healthy environment creativity and development have much bigger chances. The previous year, reminded us about the importance of health, in a harder way unfortunately and how keeping your employees can be  challenging. Work from home was applied wherever it was convenient, but don’t forget industries where work  is carried out in  manufactures, plants, at roads,  on the field generally. The better epidemiological situation, the more employees return to their workspace.

It is like arranging  our home – habitation inside can not be pleasant if it’s not safe. According to research, employees often spend more time during workdays with their colleagues and in their workspace than at home and with their family and friends. Organizations with highly expressed feeling for care about employees’ safety and health, no matter in what business area they are and whether partner companies require that of them, they act in compliance with requests we find in ISO standard 45001 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY.

Managing business according to specified standard is not necessary, but it is exceptionally required. We cite just a few basic requests that may help you in system realization of increasing level of safety and health protection in your organization:
• Improvement of occupational safety and health 
• employees’ wellbeing  - good physical and mental health
• danger elimination
• lowering OH&S risk
• using OH&S advantages 
• elimination of OH&S system management non-compliance, what is related with it’s activity
• interested parties’ trust – no delay or unwanted consequences to occupational safety and health.

If you have implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, implementing ISO 45001 will be significantly easier,  given that it is simple to integrate with specified two standards. If you don’t have implemented the standard yet, and you want to enhance your business, motivate employees with your approach to their engagement, as well as increase the possibility of potential cooperation, there is an application now that will guide you systemically through that process. In cooperation with consulting  experts in ISO standards implementation and certification field and according to needs expressed by quality and process managers for structured and systematic managing documentation and processes, Projectland has created IMSA application. IMSA application is completely in compliance with ISO standards requests, it may be used also if an organization doesn’t have them, even if the organization doesn’t plan to implement them, but do have a tendency to enhance business in compliance with world criteria.

No matter if the organization has a thousand, a hundred or one employee, and whether it’s business field is food, high fashion or manufacturing metal constructions, health and safety care are the priority.