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IMSA - the new member in mts business offer

We inform you with pleasure about the cooperation between mts and Projectland concerning the common placement of original software solution.

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Connect & Supply, novembar 2021. godine

U časopisu o auto-industriji Connect & Supply, Projectland je predstavio jedinstvena softverska rešenja kao metode i alate za modernizovanu implementaciju standarda.

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Successfully completed NS City mobile application project

The Service for Common Affairs of the city of Novi Sad announced the public procurement for development of a software solution at the end of 2021. The development subject was the mobile application that is available 24/7 to all citizens and it enables both the possibility of recording current communal issues in the city and direct and effective communication with communal services.

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NEW PROJECT: Road Traffic Safety Agency and Projectland

The need for this kind of IT solution aroused to improve the work of the Sector for analyzing and researching and generating of type reports that are been used for analyzing the state of traffic security.

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The contract with elementary school „Anton Skala“ is signed – the project realization is planned for 6 months

The deadline for applying for offers was at the end of June this year, and Projectland was chosen as the contractor.

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Successfully completed project: Road Traffic Safety Agency and Projectland

The project has been completed successfully in compliance with deals from the beginning of the cooperation within the stipulated period in December 2022.

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